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Achievement thrives to continue creating a prosperous society through quality education.


Organizations, companies, and societies are all made up of people, and when people change, society changes.
When people change, society changes. Education is what creates the opportunity for people to change.
With this belief, we continue to engage in social contribution activities through our business activities in education.


Educational activities through training and seminars

Our main service in education is the "Cho-ten e-no Michi" course, which provides educational programs based on the "Choice Theory" and "Achievement Technology" for working professionals. We also apply the know-how we have cultivated for management, organizations, and children, and are engaged in educational activities as a partner in helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals.


Create and provide a rewarding workplace

We believe that matching the future that an organization aims for with the future that an individual aims for is what creates job satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we must clarify the future that both the organization and the individual are aiming for, and create a workplace where both parties are bound by strong trust. We provide services for hiring, training, and organizational transformation based on the best practices we have developed through our own initiatives.


A strong community that grows together

Sustainable growth is a difficult topic to achieve by a single person or a single organization. It is essential to join forces with others and work together to achieve it. In order to provide such an environment, we are focusing on creating a community where customers who have gone through the same learning process can cooperate with each other in solving problems and achieving growth. We provide quality communities for more than 3,000 leaders in society, including the Japan Professional Speakers Association, a group of like-minded people who aim for social change, and the Quality Company Club, a group of managers who aim for principled management that makes people happy.